Bonus Plugin

Bonus Plugin allows forex brokers to introduce an automated rewarding system that encourages traders within the brokerage to keep transacting within the system. It is a widely used plugin to attract traders and increase their transactions. Via Bonus Plugin for Meta 4 and Meta 5, brokers can deposit an amount of credit to each trader in a pre-defined value in the group registration. Traders are able to transfer credit to their current balance. Brokers can customize this process by setting specific functions such as limiting the proportion of bonus used by parameters or utilizing account filters.

Bonuses and other forms of deals linked to deposits have become increasingly common with brokers in recent years to attract more traders. Although deposit incentives can be useful in pushing progress, the trade-off is a new collection of complexities that add to the architecture of the broker's complexity.

The Sinosoft FX Bonus Plugin aims to remove mistakes and most significantly, save time by automating many of the activities needed to successfully offer and handle deposit promotions. Our Bonus Plugin is an impressive solution to the increasing problems facing brokers offering deposit incentives and promotions. Let Sinosoft FX strip, through our automated approach, the many headaches involved in delivering these bonuses.