Welcome Aboard

The overall mission of the Sinosoft FX Club is to inform its members of professional opportunities in the financial service and tech industry, while networking and amplifying the mastery and understanding of investment strategies.

Global Networking Opportunities

The key to achieving your career objectives is to create efficient global networking within your industry peers who can introduce you to the new venues and visions.

Forex Events

Let’s meet up! Due to Covid-19, dates and places may change.

Online Financial Technology Courses

By attending the courses you can explore the latest technologies and techniques which will elevate your forex business. Developing an understanding of the trends of FinTech and advance the knowledge to make profitable decisions.

Special Speakers & Mentors

These series will help individuals and groups to grow personally and professionally, create the suitable environment for new talents and, ultimately improve business performance.

Membership Requirements

The Sino-Club welcomes to all professionals within the industry with no cost. If interested in becoming a member of the sino-Club please register.