Email Marketing


As Forex is an online industry and your business is on a virtual marketplace, email marketing is one of the ultimate ways to reach your potential traders. The benefits of an effective email marketing campaign plan are the foundation for your tier growth. You can approach them, grab their attention and increase their interest in your brokerage firm, encourage them to invest more and make them invite their connections to trade in your company.

Don’t you know what to send your subscribers and how to attract their attention?

Sinosoft FX offers you a premium email marketing service that you can reach the active and inactive leads and potential traders. More people will be joining your business without spending too much time and effort, and you can spend your time to focus on your strategies.

Keep your customers organically connected and continuous with our email marketing service for forex brokers.

Encouraging and active email content to your customers will be delivered to your leads and connections on a regular basis as you preferred. We will also guide you to plan this process. What we offer;

  • Regular content about your offers, events, market reports, etc.
  • Special mail content such as welcome, anniversaries, and personal emails
  • Effective branding including your logo and design
  • Protected email data privacy
  • Segmentation of your email lists
  • Authenticated email service and reporting
  • Trigger emails to manage your leads effectively
  • Auto-Responder to send a series of personal emails
Lead Generation Do your leads reduce dysfunctionally even though they should grow? Do not you know how to deal with it?

It’s time to manage your customers according to your business needs. Our expert team at Sinosoft FX is dedicated to providing a premium lead generation service for brokers. You will grow your leads and connections with a high-quality generator where you easily reach the real forex traders and clients. You can now benefit premium quality contacts who will increase your capacity. The data of the leads can help you plan better strategies for your business.

Each of your leads is your potential investors.