Sinosoft FX’s CRM ( Customer Relations Management) is designed exclusively for financial companies that are dedicated to the upscale level of customer experience. Sinosoft FX CRM is on-demand to provide custom Business Management software solutions for startup, midsize, and enterprise businesses.

Our CRM can be scoped and built in accordance with the business’s model and be optimized to meet the firm’s existing operational procedures. It can be easily integrated into MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5 platforms. The interface offers user-friendly features and modern design to its users. At SinosoftFX, we do not leave any room for unexpected costs and implementation latencies for customization and configuration.


The Sinosoft FX client area is a completely integrated, fully sensitive online solution that integrates with the Sinosoft FX CRM, your payment systems, and trading network and offers all the required resources for traders. This requires the freedom to open and handle several trading accounts to make immediate withdrawals, demands for withdrawal, and more. An integrated web solution, linking the site to the trader. It means that the consumers are able to access their accounts at any time and at any location, operating on both platforms. In creating and cementing the trust between you and your clients, a robust, flexible, and easy-to-use customer portal is important. Increase the lifespan of customers and give them a pleasurable experience from day one.

Sinosoft FX gathers all the business processes you need together with those needed by regulators and offers a safe portal in a structured format to accept customer requests, routing automatically to the right agency.

Key Features:
  • Open and manage several trading accounts
  • Immediate requests for deposits and withdrawals
  • Integrated with the web interface
  • Accessible from anywhere, anytime
  • Simultaneous synchronization on platforms
  • Customer-friendly and flexible
  • Data is protected securely within the portal


Conceived explicitly within the Forex industry, the IB ( Introducing Broker) Management System of Nullpoint enables you to monitor and automate the whole commission and rebate generation process. In addition, you can now build personalized multi-tier campaigns based on your unique requirements by leveraging state-of-the-art technologies specifically embedded in your trading environment. You can also deliver your own curated premium IB platform to your clients with real-time information on their referred customers and results.

Key Features:
  • Administrative and management tools for IBs and Partners
  • Virtually manageable and unlimited tiers of the affiliation commission generation
  • Custom branded IB portal and campaign creation
  • In-depth insights to track Sub IBs
  • Instant access to banners and tracking links
  • Easy to check referred clients, and their trading activity along with financial reporting
  • Real-time payout notifications and history


Like in every other business, it is difficult to run a forex broker. Sinosoft FX CRM admin panel allows brokers to perform day-to-day operating duties with speed and precision. As a broker, to give consumers the best experiences and versatile delivery, you need particularly rapid onboarding to be able to adapt quickly enough to the demand. Hence, it is important to find the optimum forex back office.

With SinosoftFX, experience the power of the forex back office of our broker tools-a tailor-made account management platform based on forex emphasis. You get a stable and powerful framework to handle the info, KYC process, and trading platform setup of your customers with our solution for customer management. In-depth analysis and company intelligence are also open to you. This back-office solution fits well with our Trader's Room and provides the right mix for you.

Key Features:
  • Rapid onboarding with the clients
  • Smart KYC process
  • Best user interface
  • Extensive customizations & adjustments
  • In-depth analysis and company intelligence
  • Easy integration of the external features
  • Manage different types of business


Online brokers in Forex and CFD are gradually recognizing the need to work with affiliate partners. Both online brokers are in high demand for Forex affiliate partners and as such the brokers also go to great lengths to allow the affiliate to collaborate with them. This is why Sinosoft FX has developed a fully integrated affiliate network solution primarily tailored for the management of its affiliate partners by Forex and CFD brokers. The broker is willing to provide a special affiliate partner website that is completely incorporated into the affiliate network as a Forex and CFD broker and Sinosoft FX consumer. All the statistical details of his representatives, including impressions, clicks, leads, conversions, and so on, can be viewed by the affiliate. The affiliate will now be able to display its money received as a CPA, Pips earned, percentage, P&L, and hybrid valuation on a real-time basis.

Key Features:
  • Continuous forex leads
  • Strong affiliation connections
  • Increase sales and traffic
  • Creates better marketing
  • Access to different market across the world


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