White Label MT4 & MT5

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What is White Label MT4 and MT5?

White Label Program essentially refers to the whole solution systems which operate under the broker or technology provider. With MetaTrader4 and Metatrader5 you can launch a FOREX broker or Multi-Asset broker faster than you think.

The best part of having a white-label, it frees you from purchasing a MetaTrader server license or building unmistakable hosting servers, organizing and maintaining the dependable backup system, relying on a network of access servers around the world, or keeping a team 24/7 to configure the server structure. All of this burden already eliminated by having an MT4/MT5 White Label solution.

Let Sinoxsoft FX be your quide when it comes to choosing the best!
White Label MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader5 allows you to choose how to operate your business.

A-book model operates only between the broker and the investor, so it decreases disagreement on both parts. In other words, in the A-book business model, the revenue grows by the volume of the commission applied to its clients, and by marking up the spread.

B-book, on the other hand, is a model comprising risk. The broker executes the trades internally and those stay in the internal liquidity pool. In other words, a trader's loss is equal to the broker`s profit. This model contains risks as well as fast and high profits.

C-book is the hybrid model of the A-book and B-book. It is possible to operate both and create a relationship with customers based on trust and still make a huge amount of profits. Executing the C- book requires effective technology tools as well as professional consultation as Sinoxsoft FX team members are providing to its clients. Benefits of the MT4/MT5 White Label
  • The most preferred trading platform
  • All features are tested
  • Back- Office Support
  • Company Branding
  • Multiple Languages
  • Different Types of Orders
  • Transparent Pricing
  • Quick Launch
  • Wide Range of Instruments
  • Fast STP



MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5 mobile platforms allow your clients to track their trading accounts, activities, and previous transactions simultaneously synchronized with the desktop trader platform. Sinoxsoft FX provides MT4 and MT5 which are the pioneer FX platforms are getting used all around the world by traders and rank at the top of trading platforms. The famous trading platform's mobile version offers everything required to conduct trading operations, send pending orders, and set protective levels of stop loss and take advantage.

Key Features:
  • One-Click Trading Operations
  • Send Pending Orders
  • Set Protective S/L or T /P Orders
  • Place Orders from Market Window Depth
  • Built-in Indicators and Analytical Objects
  • Technical Analysis, News, and Economic Calendar
  • Accessible at IPhone, Ipad, and Android


MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5 online platforms are enabling clients to trade Forex and Cryptocurrencies from any browser. With the MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5 online portal, an internet connection is what you need to have only. You can analyze financial instrument quotes, conduct trading operations, and browse your trading history from any Windows , MacOS, or Linux-powered machine or laptop.

The online portal enables pending orders to be placed, trade orders can be submitted with one click from Market Depth and a detailed market analysis can be conducted using 30 technical metrics and 24 graphical items. You can now use all these features at any time and from any browser. The online trading network offers optimum privacy security, in addition to high flexibility, whilst all information exchanged is safely encrypted. An additional improved security mechanism is now supported by the web portal through the use of two-factor authentication. Sinoxsoft FX web trader platform provider high level protection for forex brokers and forex traders.

Key Features:
  • Fully integrated with Windows, MacOS, and Linux
  • Instant access to trading operations
  • An online portal where trades can be placed with one click
  • Detailed market analysis
  • The trading history is safely encrypted
  • Two- factor authentication through the web portal
  • Optimal privacy security


This is where both MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5 platforms are effectively used by the traders. With the desktop trader, you can provide quick access to the most competitive financial market. Sinoxsoft FX provides you to oppotunity to use MT4 and MT5 desktop trading platform to benefit from useful features of the platforms.

To provide quick access to the most competitive financial markets, the MetaTrader4 trading platform has been created. It is a trading platform for Forex and CFD that is commonly used by both experienced and beginner traders alike. You have unprecedented freedom to configure your trades and even perform automatic trades with the MT4 user friendly design and research software at your disposal. Using MetaTrader 4, from a single screen, you can exchange a number of market properties, including currencies, indices , commodities and equities. The trading platform delivers solutions with great speed and flexibility allowing you to prepare and conduct your trade orders.

MetaTrader5 is a robust multi-asset institutional platform that provides marvelous trading possibilities and tools for technical analysis that allow copy trading and automatic trading systems to be used. The functionality is extended by external resources, rendering its features nearly unlimited. MetaTrader 5 includes the strategy developers' freelance index, the built-in market for trading robots, the Virtual Hosting Facility (Forex VPS) and Copy Trading. It includes instruments for systematic price research.

Key Features:
  • Quick installation to computer
  • User- friendly design
  • Advanced interface
  • Fast execution of the trades
  • Detailed view of the market depth
  • Technical analysis, and tools
  • Easy Integration of plugins


A virtual private server is a very powerful platform for Forex trading, also known as VPS. It is a web hosting scheme that uses a data center to allow merchants, different companies, and businesses to rely on a safer, more secure, remote device for their livelihoods. Traders use improved hardware with a direct ISP access to their virtual private server to manage their trading activities better, without any interruptions. Shared hosting enables the use of a website or trading applications on your VPS, although the needs of other customers are still sufficient.

For a virtual private server, a VPS vendor charges users a monthly fee, thereby paying the server's costs and expenditures. A VPS differs from shared hosting in that you can not share your designated services with other users and, with its storage, RAM, and an operating system, each entity provides a single, partitioned portion of the server. Depending on the requirements given, the cost of a virtual private individual can vary.

Key Features:
  • Direct access to VPS
  • Improved trading activities
  • No interruption
  • Simple set up
  • Fastest trade execution
  • Technical support available
  • Eliminates the latency problem