The world’s simplest and happiest gamification platform.

Meet the best forex experience to increase the involvement of your traders in the process. Gamification is used in various fields including psychology, motivation theory, and behavioural economics.

Sinosoft FX Gamification for forex brokers is a leading marketing tool.

Increase the competition on your platform and reward your traders with points, levels, and, medals. Their desire to win more is the ultimate motivation to make them allocate time for your platform. The more time they can enjoy on your platform, the more trades they will be encouraged for. Some of our broker clients reported as much as a 150% increase in the engagement metrics of their website with this extraordinary solution.

To use Sinosoft FX Gamification, you just have to start a project, create a topic, and start adding in the content.

While attracting more clients with our forex gamification solution, you can also educate them with a fun and interactive way.

Not only will they enjoy the game, but they will also learn the pre-planned activity on your platform in a more effective way.

How gamification works:
  • Choose or define an activity,
  • Apply a motivating reward such as ranking or points,
  • Let your clients enjoy this game!