Starting a forex business comprises lots of paperwork and obtaining a license is one of the foremost. Not being regulated by a financial authority means that your forex brokerage is unofficial and it is not recommended as your act in the company may be seen as suspicious by both law and traders. Even though unlicensed brokers can maintain their business, they are limited in many aspects and face penalties from the authorities. No forex client would want to trade in a legally unreliable brokerage.

Because the leverage restrictions are on an increase in Europe and the other developed countries, offshore licensing became the easiest, fastest and most affordable way to be regulated, as well as the most popular solution among the forex brokers.

Sinosoftfx is ready to help you deal with the challenging regulation process including all legal aspects such as bank account opening, certification by a notary, legal verification, and preparation and registration of the license application documents. All the licenses we mediate are from the official financial authorities recognized by international law.


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