Social Trading


Social Trading Plugin, also known as Copy Trading Plugin, helps traders to copy signal from a chosen signal providers (mostly professional traders). This tool is one of the most popular solutions for Meta4 and Meta5 platforms. With Social Trading Plugin, traders can make money or learn the right strategies from profitable traders just by following their signals.

This is a win-win for both new and experienced traders. While new traders can benefit the profitable strategies of professionals, experienced traders can receive payment for their success. Meta4 and Meta5 Social Trading plugin help you increase the trading volume at your brokerage by attracting new traders' attention because it offers lucrative opportunities.

By growing brokerage trading volumes, Sinosoft FX's MT4/MT5 Social Trading Solution accelerates the market growth. More than ever, new buyers are now signed up with forex brokers using advanced social trading software that offers their customers the ability to focus their financial transactions on a combination of trader scores, figures, and patterns that are developed.

The social trading program experience of the subscriber is vastly improved by the copying scheme that enables brokers to select from a number of copying modes (based on equity, free margin, copying multiplication, and more). The user-friendly web interface is split into various user pages, enabling broker customers to enter the site for social trading applications by registering as brokers, clients or both.