Virtual Dealer

Virtual Dealer

Sinosoft FX Virtual Dealer plugin for MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5 enables brokers to have flexibility on processing trade requests within the brokerage depending on the size, price or symbol. Brokers can set several modes of process orders in this solution including Sell, Sell Stop, Sell Limit, Buy, Buy Stop, Buy Limit in various market situations.

Sinosoft FX Virtual Dealer functions on behalf of the broker's dealing desk. In reality, it is a dealing desk that settlements and executes traders' orders and ensures that they do not take unfair advantage of scalping and income. Our plugin utilizes multiple tricks to ensure this such as increasing range, slowing trade execution so on.

Our Virtual Dealer Plugin includes various adjustment such as changing the price request process and setting the difference between processing and requested prices in currency or the points. When a transaction order coming from the customer cannot correspond to the tolerable settings in the Virtual Dealer Plugin, it is addressed to the manual dealer processing.

- Flexibility to respond to the request of a customer based on the fx symbol, price and position size of the client.
- Opportunity to adjust the handling of price requests, depending on the settings.

The discrepancy between the price demanded and the processing price may be set in points or in currency. All parameters are defined at the level of the account category or for individual accounts. To simulate STP bank execution, the plugin also helps you to set an execution delay.