Website, Logo & Graphic Design


Professional Website

The first impression is everything and your forex company website is literally where people see you the first time and keep in mind what they see. Professional, profitable, effective, classy, consistent. If you want to be noticed among your competitors, you should be aware of the vitality of a professional website.

Sinosoft FX offers to develop a website that projects the professional image for your brokerage and eventually helps to improve the image of your company brand in the eyes of your customer. It is time to increase your influence through your online presence and virtual visibility.

Let’s be honest, no one wants to use an outdated website. A modern, effective, and user-friendly website will not only show the personality of your company, but also be a hub to show your success and attract more clients.

Some reasons why you need a well established and functional website:
  • Best way of online marketing
  • Allows everyone to see your business in the online FX market
  • Long-lasting and positive first impression
  • It increases your organization's credibility
  • It increases your chances of getting leads, your future clients
  • Better and easier customer service
  • Easiest way to update the world about your business
What we provide:
  • Fully responsive website matching with the industry standards of usage
  • Whole Setup: Domain, Hosting, and SSL Certificates
  • Integration of the CRM and registration forms
  • Mobile and tablet optimization
  • Graphic design that embraces the logo, colours and the brand
  • Efficient marketing materials
  • Building social platforms
  • Onsite SEO optimization to attract genuine clients
  • Optionally fast changes
  • Continuous updates and development support

Logo & Graphic Design

You find the best name for your forex brokerage that everybody will remember easily. Do you want to go one step ahead? The contribution of a catchy logo to the image and recognition of large companies is just undeniable. It is commonly accepted anymore that a perfect logo is as essential as the company name. Companies are making significant investments in the logo design to find the best one representing their business.

Not only the logo, but the whole graphic design is one of the key elements of your online presence. An old and unappealing online look is as damaging to your brand identity as trying to run a business in a rundown shop. Choosing the right colours, creating modern illustrations, and using a remarkable interface will make your leads and clients think that they are in the right and secure place.

As an important part of your branding and our turnkey forex solutions, our team of excellent designers at Sinosoft FX will guide you to find the perfectly suited design and a remarkable logo that will be the sign of your business success.

Why a logo and graphic design are important:
  • Easily grabs attention
  • Strong First Impression
  • Source of Your Brand Identity
  • Memorable
  • Shows the uniqueness of your brand
  • Keeps your clients relying on your business